Services – Sod Installation and Seeding

Time allowance for rollout

1,000-2,999 sq.ft. 1 hour

3,000-5,999 sq.ft. 2 hours
6,000-8,999 sq.ft. 2.5 hours
9,000 sq.ft. + 3 hours

Installation Tips
  • The area to have sod installed needs at least 6 hours of sun per day.
  • The area should have at least 4 inches of quality screened top soil.
  • PHC’s 3-4-3 healthy start can be spread on the soil to help with root development.
  • The sod should be unrolled, installed and watered immediately following delivery.
  • Apply at least one inch of water to each area sodded. New sod needs long deep penetrating waterings. One inch of water on 1000 square feet is equal to 600 gallons of water. All turf needs ½ inch to 1 inch of water daily. Soil under sod pad must remain wet for at least four weeks.

Disclaimer: Sod is extremely perishable in hot weather. Any sod purchased in extreme heat is to be received with the knowledge that the sod could be in heat stress condition. Therefore, any sod ordered and received on days that the temperatures are above or around 90° will not be replaced due to heat stress. All turf should be installed and watered on the same day. All claims must be made within 24 hours. 

Seeding Tips
  • Area that will be seeded should have sufficient sunlight to grow grass.
  • The area should have at least four inches of quality screened top soil.
  • A quality seed mix should be chosen to meet the area requirements of shade, sun and shade, or full sun.
  • Spring and fall are the best time to seed. The weather is usually cooler requiring less watering.
  • A starter fertilizer should be applied with the seed, 12-24-11 fertilizer with tupersan is recommended to help prevent weeds and crabgrass or a straight starter fertilizer 11-23-10. Lime may also need to be applied. A soil test is always recommended.
  • Penn mulch should be used to keep the seed moist to help with germination.
  • Watering should be done three times a day for about 15-20 minutes per zone until germination.

After germination for half hour to 40 minutes in the early morning and again in the mid-afternoon.

Recommended 5 Step Fertilizer Program
  1. Mid April – Early May: 18-0-5 with .09 dimension (crabgrass pre-emergent)
  2. Mid May – Early June: 19-0-6 with .09 dimension and confront3 (pre-emergent/post – emergent broad leaf weed)
  3. Mid – Late June: 15-2-5 with merit (grub control)
  4. Late August – Early September: 32-0-6 Mesa (slow release green up)
  5. Late October – Mid November:11-23-10 Starter/Winter fertilizer. Lime/ Solu-cal can also be applied at this time.