Services – Recycling

In an effort to produce a higher quality loam and compost product, all material being disposed of must be
clean and clear of any trash. We appreciate your cooperation with the following procedures. 

It is critical that loads be separated. Any load that appears to be mixed in the slightest way will be considered brush and will be charged as such. 

Grass and Leaves: Grass, leaves, flowers, and sod 
Brush: Logs, sticks, stumps, roots, and root balls 
Clean Fill: Clay, loam, and sand 

Non-Organic Material: Is defined as, asphalt, concrete, concrete with wire, rocks, gravel and rip rapPlease note we can no longer accept red bricks.

NO TRASH OF ANY KIND. We reserve the right to reject any load that contains trash or plastic and 
may revoke the privilege to dump for failure to follow the no trash policy.

Branches: 1-yard minimum
Stumps and brush: 1-yard minimum  
Leaves: 1-yard minimum     
Grass clippings: 1-yard minimum

We do not accept fencing material 

Asphalt and concrete, concrete with wire
Clean Fill: 1-yard minimum     
Soil: 1-yard minimum     
Asphalt: 5-yard minimum   
Concrete: 5-yard minimum   
Concrete with Wire: 3-yard minimum
Rocks, gravel, rip rap: 1-yard minimum 

We do not accept dirty or contaminated fill 

Free service open to all of our customers. We recycle all plastic pots and trays from Cavicchio Greenhouses, Inc. or other sources. We do not accept trash or plastic bags

Season passes can be purchased at the Bulk Trailer or Landscape Office

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