News – Neonicotinoids and Pollinator Health

Oct 19, 2015 – Farm News – by Glenn Harrison

Neonicotinoids 900 x 400.jpg

Over the last few decades, honeybee populations have been declining in this country and around the world.  Out of a concern for overall pollinator health, the scientific community has begun to investigate the possible causes and try to find solutions.  While this research is ongoing, concerns have arisen about the pesticide chemical class known as neonicotinoids. 

The impact of this neonicotinoid chemical class on overall pollinator health is complicated and controversial.  However, out of an abundance of caution for honeybee health on our farm and elsewhere throughout New England, Cavicchio Greenhouses has decided to completely eliminate usage of this chemical class from any crops grown in our greenhouses and our fields.  In fact, we have been neonicotinoid-free for the entire 2015 growing season and will remain that way through 2016 and beyond.  This decision, in addition to our usage of beneficial insects and biologically based insecticides and fungicides, is all part of a larger strategy to improve the sustainability of ornamental crop production on this farm.